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Lida Slimming Tea

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Lida Slimming Tea

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Lida Slimming Tea 1 Pack(s) +0 Pack(s) 39.90
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Lida Slimming Tea 3 Pack(s) +0 Pack(s) 99.90
Lida Slimming Tea

Information on Lida slimming tea

Overweight? Do you panic during your attempts to slim down? Your new motto should be: "Have a tea and see." This new slimming tea will inspire incredible results. Lida Tea helps you to reduce your weight fast and efficiently. One cup of slimming tea per day is enough - you will see how fast your pounds will fall away. Lida Tea is very tasty and burns fat in the blink of an eye. You can present yourself entirely new only a few weeks after beginning to use this method - without an evil diet schedule or other unpleasant options. This slimming tea is not only available over-the-counter with us, but will also help you wear smaller clothing in no time. Give it a try!

Losing weight with herbal tea

We offer a slimming herbal tea with which you may achieve visible and fantastic results fast. The taste is delicious and aromatic.

This tea was made especially for quick weight reduction. It tackles accumulations of fat and toxins. With this tea, stores of subcutaneous fat will be eliminated in order to optimize lymph flow. This allows pounds to melt away and the formation of sebum to be normalized.

The tea contains an optimized combination of ingredients to support losing weight. Subcutaneous fat will be removed from the gastro-intestinal tract, lipid metabolism will be enhanced and a flattering shape can be achieved. The effect of his tea is just amazing.

Similarly, toxins are eliminated. The digestive system will be cleaned effectively and constipation will be prevented.

LIDA slimming herbal tea is particularly suitable for people who suffer from being overweight. Women who are overweight after giving birth or people who do not lose weight either by diet or exercise will be able to turn things around with this herbal tea. People who are permanently overweight or who usually gain weight again after losing it may also benefit from this slimming tea.

The tea is suitable for people from 18 to 60 years old.

-According to performance standard GB/1759-2002

-Take only one cup of tea per day.

You should prepare the tea as follows:

Brew the tea with 200 ml of water and let it sit for 5 minutes so it may develop its aroma and its full effectiveness. Our recommendation for you to enjoy the tea - to enjoy hot tea, place a saucer or small plate over the cup to retain the heat. You may brew a tea bag up to three times.

For a long-lasting taste, each bag is individually packed in a transparent film and is aroma-sealed, making the pleasure you get from drinking it a long-lasting thing. One bag contains 10 g of tea.

You should store the tea as follows:

* Air-tight, dry and dark
* Out of the reach of children

If stored properly the tea is good for 36 months.


The tea is not suitable for:

* Women who are pregnant or nursing
* People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases
* Stroke patients

Nutrient composition (per 500 mg)

Fat: 0 g
Protein: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 0 g
Sodium: 14 mg
Calcium: 30 mg

Contribution by Marko (33), Hannover

Although I am a man, I care about my body shape. Being overweight by well over 10 kilos, I did not feel anything anymore. However I faced huge problems while trying to lose weight. While I was surfing the internet I discovered Lida products. I did not want to take a capsule because I was shy to admit I needed such a product to my girlfriend. Therefore I ordered the tea to give it a try, becayse she already knew that I am a tea enthusiast. In the first week I lost 2.5 kilos and after three weeks, all my weight issues have already become obsolete. Now each morning I prepare the tea for my girlfriend as well to help her lose the extra 5 kilos she carries around. She is happy about my loving attention, even if she does not understand why she is now able to slim down without a rigorous diet.

Contribution by Moni (39), Cologne

For as long as I can remember, I have been overweight. My parents, grandparents and just about all relatives are also overweight. Finally I wanted to do something about it. None of the amazing things on display at clothing stores fit me, and I always had to wear unattractive clothes that looked like sacks. I was fed up with this. I bought myself Lida Tea and started using it. After only four weeks, 10 kilos of my extra 60 kilos  compeltely disappeared. But give my original weight, this change was not so obvious. So I continued to drink my slimming tea each day and after eight months I reached my goal: dress size 40, and weight of just 68 kilos. Everybody noticed it. My public health fund paid for surgery to remove the loose skin left on my stomach. Now I look very pretty and I am a totally new being. Now I am eating healthy and will continue to drink the slimming tea until I reach 55 kilos. I am very grateful!

Contribution by Sabine (31), Hessia

Slimming down was the most serious problem I could imagine. I manged to lose ten kilos on my own, but then I got stuck. With a height of 1.60 m I weighed 85 kilos, and this was clearly too much. My friend recommended Lida Tea. Since she was successfully achieving her goal, she gave me her remaining supply of tea and I almost immediately lost 3 kilos. This was the result of one week by the slimming tea. Stupidly I did not order more supplies in time, but since the delivery was speedy I could continue my weight loss without interruption. Now I weigh just 60 kilos and finally fit into a size 38. In not even half a year, I lost 25 kilos - this was very cool. I never could have managed on my own. Thank you very, very much!

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