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Lida Diet coffee

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Lida Diet coffee

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Lida Diet coffee

Information about Lida slimming coffee:

Who likes to make a cup of coffee in the morning? Do you? Then combine this with a perfect diet right away. Lida Slimming Coffee is a purely vegetable-based diet coffee that helps you quickly acheive a perfect fiture. This organic coffee is available without a prescription and gives you quick and effective results. Lida Coffee makes your pounds tumble away and in the morning it wakes you up. It´s a perfect combination. Start quickly - your dream of having a beautiful shape can be fulfilled soon.

Organic slimming coffee - the perfect slimming solution!

The herbal weight loss coffee is 100% natural and therefore very compatible with almost everyone. The easy method and its amazing performance will convince even the strongest critics.

The healthy organic coffee has a powerful and great effect. In addition, each cup is exta nice due to its very pleasant taste. You will see that slimming can be an enjoyable experience.

The famous Arabica coffee from Yunnan province is the major component. Another part is the scientifically processed, 100% natural "Garcinia Cambogia" (HCA).

Not only is the slimming coffee purely herbal, but it is also healthy, safe and side effect free. While enjoying strong, aromatic and delicious coffee, you will be able to lose a lot of weight with pleasure in an instant. This is precisely the difference compared to regular coffee.

The coffee not only is suitable for overweight people, but also for people who are permanently overweight and people who easily gain weight. People in who are 18 to 60 years old may use this coffee.

-Take just one cup of coffee each day.

- According to standard: GB/1759-2002

How does the coffee work?

The coffee accelerates fat metabolism and fat loss. It also smoothes and soothes the digestive system. Due to this, the intestines will be relaxed and the digestive system will be flushed.

Metabolism and fat loss

The coffee´s caffeine causes an increase in the concentration of the blood´s fatty acids. By increasing fatty acids, muscles are activated and it is consumed in order to give the body energy. This can also reduce body fat, even if it has been in the body a longer time. The coffee´s active ingredient, L-carnitine, is an essential substance for fat metabolism, which may facilitate the entry of fatty acids to the mitochondria to promote the activity of oxygenolyse. Additionally, the coffee contains Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia, which also boost fat burning. Through these various factors, weight loss can be acheived and a strong effect of weight reduction can take place.

Smoothening of the digestive system
The Lotus leaves contained in the coffee provide an effective diuresis, which leads to a relaxation of the intestines. This allows excess fat to be absorbed very quickly.

To prevent the resorption of extra starch, fat, sugar and related substances, the coffee may target your existing body fat and accelerate the conversion of energy in order to prevent further accumulation of fat.

The coffee works to destroy stubborn fat deposits, and to reduce fat and thoroughly burn up extra deposits so the slimming effect can be seen more clearly.

It also works with a variety of nutrients and vitamins and minerals, and gets energy from the body's cells to improve weight loss. It will also make your skin firm, smooth and soft.

The coffee works to inhibit the absorption of fat. The electro-negative substances that are formed by fatty acid, glycerol and glycerol-Monosterarate, are produced in fat digestion. This product gets into the gastric juices and fat is surrounded by an electropositive gelatin. Thus, while the mass passes through the digestive system, it cannot be absorbed, resulting in achieving weight loss.

Contents: 15 sachets a 10 g
Shelf life: 36 months

This product does not contain any laxatives or other ingredients that may cause diarrhea.

The slimming coffee is not suitable for:

* Women who are pregnant or nursing
* People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases
* Stroke patients

These ingredients can be found in the coffee:

Proportion of ingredients (%) content (mg)
Yunnan coffee 30% 84
L-Carnitine 25% 70
Green tea 17% 47,
Lotus leaves 15% 42
Garcinia Cambogia 13% 36.4

Main ingredients:

Tea leaves, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Salvia Militiorrhiz, grains, Pharmaceutical Rose Cassia seed

Contribution by Hannelore (43), Gießen

I am an enthusiastic coffee consumer and in general an epicurean. And this is something everybody always knew about me. I found Lida Coffee and I thought: Why not give it a try? During the summer, it would be nice to weigh ten kilos less. I received my order very quickly and the next morning I made myself a cup of slimming coffee. It tasted so good that it was hard to drink each day only one cup of Lida Coffee, but the result was even better than the taste. Compared to all other disappointing weight loss experiences fover the years, losing ten kilos would have been a joke. I could never keep the weight off after losing it, and six weeks later it would be back. Nobody noticed that I was slimming since I usually drink coffee anyway, but everybody could see the result.

Contribution by Tanja (22), Magdeburg

Losing weight is a challenge and for a long time I did not feel comfortable with trying. Thanks to a good friend of mine, I discovered Lida Coffee and I have already lost 7 kilos. I did not have to starve and did not have to sacrifice anything - all I did was drink a cup of slimming coffee each morning and live my life as usual. During the first day I stepped onto the scale, but then I waited for two weeks before looking again. The result was overwhelming. I still want to lose another two kilos, but I will manage them by this week, guaranteed. One cup of Lida Coffee and the pounds are gone. Super!

Contribution by Holger (31), Hanau

Nobody understands overweight people; you're showered with the best advice from all directions, but in most cases it's just not applicable. Lack of motivation and the effort it takes to lose weight... it just didn't seem like it was for me. But with this slimming coffee, I could reduce my weight without much effort. During the first three weeks I lost three kilos a week. At the end of the second week, I could see a 5 kilogram weight loss since I continued to drink my Lida Coffee each day. And the slimming process continues! My overall target is to lose 40 kilos, since at 120 kilos I am substantially too heavy. If this pace continues I can expect to achieve my goal within four months. I am really happy that I do not have to torture myself and it is great for me that this slimming coffee also tastes excellent. This makes a usually unpleasant task much more convenient.

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